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Hubby caught flu , terrible flu.

I think it started when I landed in Sydney. He woke up quite early to pick me up . I told him earlier I’ll be fine and He doesn’t need to fetch me . Since anyway, we ‘ll be going with cab.  But He insisted.  (Nevertheless, I was happy to see him at the airport . Sometimes I get the lonely feeling when I arrive at the airport and nobody come to me.  )

Anyway the next day and the following day , were the HOTTEST DAY IN SYDNEY HISTORY FOR YEARS! It was 46 celcius!  In the apartment, i felt like a roasting chicken , roasted in my own house!  It must have made some impact on him , because his body temperature was warm  when He returned.

On Saturday we watched Les Miserables .. its a long movie, and after getting roasted under the sun, there we were eating popcorn in the cold aircon for 3 hours.

He got fever that night

Decided not to go to Church on Sunday.

Monday : getting worse .

Tuesday , He threw up , eyes were red ,and we decided He should take antibiotic.   This poor guy had to change clothes 4 times at night because He perspired a lot. But they said, it is good when you’re perspiring.

Wednesday , He insisted going to Uni . He said otherwise all his sample would be wasted . Sigh* . I looked outside at the gloomy weather and did not think it will make him better .   By the time He reached home, He started coughing. aaaaaaaaaa . I hold all opportunities  to say ” I TOLD YOU SO” .   very hard. He tossed and turned at night ,  squeezing all the perspire left in his body 🙂

Today He ‘s all better and go to work as usual.   I hope He’s getting better.

Because now I’m going to SLEEEEEEP.