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There’s one book that I read when I was young –   “The Cross and The Switchblade ”  .

It is a book written in 1963 by pastor David Wilkerson with John and Elizabeth Sherrill. It tells the true story of Wilkerson’s first five years in New York City, where he ministered to disillusioned youth, encouraging them to turn away from the drugs and gang violence they were involved with. The book became a best seller, with more than 15 million copies distributed in over 30 languages.

– source : Wikipedia

And today,  suddenly I just remembered about this book.  It’s been more than 16 years since I read it first time , and I wonder what is happening today with Pastor David Wilkerson himself.

To my surprise,  I found out that He passed away in April , this year, because of road accident .

I went to find his blog , http://davidwilkersontoday.blogspot.com/  , this was his daily devotional that is continued by his son , Gary Wilkerson now.

During his funeral service, a tribute video was shown to those who were attended . It is the first time I see Pastor David look , and  I got to see clips /footage of his ministry.  People left comments to the footage and it conclude two things from me about Pastor  David  : dedication and humbleness .

I recommend this book for you to read. It inspired  and shaped my young minds that I can still remember briefly about each chapters. His life and dedication itself has inspired and touched thousands of people . That’s what called live worth living for.